Creative Media Design student wins Bristol Pound competition

Issue date: 16 March 2018

'Power in Numbers!' design by Radley Attwell Cook

BA Creative Media Design student Radley Attwell Cook has had his design chosen to represent Bristol on the new Bristol Pound notes that will enter circulation later this year. His design, 'Power in Numbers!' representing the Protest and Rebellion culture in Bristol, was selected from over 300 designs by an online vote and a panel of judges made up of community leaders and artists including Massive Attack's Grant Marshall and civil rights activist Paul Stephenson OBE. The judges were tasked with choosing winning designs that take into account designs what would be workable on a small paper note.

Describing the design Bristol Pound said, “Radley's work was a huge favourite, both in the online vote and at the gallery. The judges agreed that the people depicted with megaphones for faces is a powerful and poignant image. They also loved the way that the location is presented, subtlety giving away the setting of the protest."

Radley commented, “My design applies to the rebellion and protest movements theme. 'Power in Numbers!' is a piece that attempts to capture Bristol's unique anti-establishment and egalitarian sentiments. Re-appropriating the protester's heads with megaphones is a metaphor for the amplification of the voice and coming together to be heard to benefit the wider community.”

Programme Leader for BA Creative Media Design Rod Dickinson said, “We are very proud of the unique work that Radley produced, winning the 'Protests and Rebellion' category, we look forward to seeing Radley's design on the new Bristol Pound notes and celebrating the independent spirit that it represents."

Full details of competition winners available here.

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