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Issue date: 15 February 2018

Information Point sign

Our Information Point staff are on hand, Monday to Friday, to answer any burning questions you have about university life. Want to know when your results will be released in myUWE? Or where 2D67 is? Or which bus goes to Glenside?

They've clocked up some stats on how many student queries they've handled over the past year - 125,000 in fact!

  • 74,000 face-to-face queries
  • 47,000 phone calls
  • 18,000 emails answered
  • 8,700 adviser appointments booked
  • 5,300 student letters printed

What do the Information Point staff do when not seeing students?

You may wonder what the Information Point staff do in the quiet patches (they're aren't many!). Over the past year they've been:

  • Processing 3500 Extenuating Circumstance claims (now known as Personal Circumstances)
  • Processing and authorising over 2900 placement expenses claim forms for healthcare students
  • Checking over 1300 course transfer requests
  • Reviewing over 1000 coursework deadline extension applications

How can an Information Point help me?

Our Information Point staff know everything (well, almost!). And if there's a question they don't know the answer to, they'll find someone who does!

They're connected to staff in all the university's academic departments and professional services (e.g. Finance, Library Services etc.) so can source the answers you need.

Where can I find an Information Point?

Information Points are located on each of the university's four campuses - find your nearest one online.

Or you can phone them on 0117 32 85678 or email them on

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