Copywriting students undertake industry branding exercise

Issue date: 18 January 2018

A group of Creative and Professional Writing students have worked on a real-world branding exercise for John Wainwright & Company Ltd – one of the UK's largest independent quarry companies.

The students were asked to develop pitches for a new range of Wainwright Workwear – a project developed by their course lecturer Dr Tim Gibson, who is also Wainwright's communications director and managing director of Somerset-based copywriting agency The Writing Hut Ltd.

The first-year students had to create a 10-minute pitch covering Wainwright's brand narrative, advertising, and product descriptions for three specific garments in the new clothing range.

The six groups were given two weeks to create and refine their pitches which were delivered in an Apprentice-style environment. After pitching there was an opportunity for the class to ask questions relating to the pitches. Each group communicated their answers in a professional and in-depth manner.

The students all offered distinctive takes on the project, while coherently hitting the proof points associated with 127-year-old Wainwright's brand identity. They addressed a range of issues, including the use of the internet and social media in raising brand awareness, and traditional print ad campaigns to communicate Wainwright's core values.

Speaking about the project, Dr Gibson remarked: "This rewarding real-life project allowed the students to gain authentic industry experience. It developed their research abilities, as well as their team-working and confidence – all crucial skills for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the copywriting industry."

By Alice Beresford, Yr 1 Creative and Professional Writing

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