'How to build a robot' film set in Bristol - media premiere at Watershed

Issue date: 20 November 2017

Rusty Squid, a spin out company featuring experimental robotic engineering and design that started at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), has a premiere Channel 4 screening of a film called 'How to build a robot' at the Watershed Cinema on Monday 27 November at 13:00.

The screening is for the media only and is a preview of the film that will be screened on Channel 4 soon.

The doors open for screening at 13:00 followed by a Q and A session at 14:00 with the film maker James W.Newton, Steph Harris the producer of Tuesdays Child and David McGoran, Co-founder and Creative Director at Rusty Squid. At 15:00 there will be the chance to meet and interview the robot.

The film by James W. Newton features David Tennant as narrator and is a new documentary giving a fascinating glimpse into the Rusty Squid studio which is pioneering a new type of robotics never seen before.

The team at Rusty Squid is made up largely of UWE Bristol graduates who display a range of diverse talents and includes designers, illustrators, roboticists, puppetry artists and filmmakers.

Earlier this year Rusty Squid ran a ground-breaking social experiment on the streets of Bristol. Led by visionary robotic engineer David McGoran, Rusty Squid is on a mission to design machines that overcome our cultural fear of robots.

David said, “We wanted to discover if we could build a new type of robot that inspires the public to drop their guard, open up emotionally and welcome it into their lives.”

Drawing on his background in puppetry and dance and inspired by the design magic of Disney and Pixar, the film follows David and his team as they attempt to build a robot that uses the power of motion to trigger emotions that even strangers on the street will want to open up to.

David continues, “The real test came when abandoned the robot on the streets of Bristol. The robot filmed its adventure to see if people would open up and interact. The beautiful film shows the unique encounters and interactions that people had with the robot.”

Rusty Squid's new approach to robotics connects with people on a primal and emotional level.

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