Midwifery students attend national conference

Issue date: 13 November 2017

One of our Midwifery students, Jayden Mills, shares her experience of attending this year's Royal College of Midwives Midwifery Conference from Tuesday 31 October – Wednesday 1 November.

I recently decided to attend the annual Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Midwifery conference in Manchester. I knew that it would be an enriching learning experience, and also something normally out of my price range, but the RCM offered it for free this year.

I attended multiple workshops including: 'Human rights matter in childbirth', 'Positive parenthood: providing specialist care for women with perinatal mental health', 'Three years are coming to an end...what now?', 'The good, the bad and the social', and 'Delivering difficult news during pregnancy' to name but a few.

My favourite of all these talks was 'Positive parenthood: providing specialist care for women with perinatal mental health'. One of these speakers was Jennifer Patterson, a midwife currently completing a PhD regarding Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); an area of Midwifery I would love to specialise in (I will admit that I fangirled over her slightly!).

In addition to the talks, there was an exhibition with many stands from multiple agencies. This was a wonderful opportunity to network, from talking to journals about ways to publish, to discussing masters and PhDs.

A lot of the talks and experiences from the conference I will definitely take forward to future practice. I have already applied tips from the talk 'The good, the bad, and the social' as I use Twitter and Instagram for Midwifery purposes.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, and something I would recommend to any student Midwife, Midwife or MSW. I will definitely be going again!

By Jayden Mills, BSc(Hons) Midwifery

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