Bristol is becoming a Sugar Smart city

Issue date: 01 November 2017

Bristol is well on its way to becoming a sugar smart city after a survey found that two thirds of respondents are worried about the sugar content in their food.

Results showed that people are concerned about the effects of sugar on their weight and about issues such as tooth decay and type 2 diabetes. Half of people also reported that they were worried about the effect that eating too much sugar had on their mood.

Sugar Smart Bristol and UWE Bristol

Bristol is part of Sugar Smart, a campaign run by Jamie Oliver and Sustain to help local authorities, organisations, workplaces and individuals to reduce the amount of sugar we all consume. You can view the city's progress via an infographic.

We've got involved in Sugar Smart Bristol as part of Feel Good from the beginning helping to shape what Bristol can do to raise awareness, educate and reduce sugar consumption. We've held numerous events to promote sugar smart especially through Feel Good February and Varsity activities. One of our achievements was reducing the amount of sugary drinks sold by 5% during Feel Good February.

Our aim is to continue to improve awareness through communications, point of sale signage, events, placements (embedded within the curriculum) and through our catering outlets and vending machines.

Want to get sugar smart?

Take a look at four easy ways to become sugar smart.

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