UWE Bristol tops West Universities for student employment

Issue date: 07 July 2017

The latest figures from the Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) show that the University of the West of England is ahead of all West Universities for employment and further study of students who graduated in 2016.

These latest figures for the Employment of leavers - UK Performance Indicators 2015/16 are compiled annually to track the employment status of students at six months following graduation.

Maggie Westgarth, Deputy Director Student Success at UWE Bristol said, “The stats show that UWE Bristol has 95.1% of graduates in employment at the six month threshold. The figures are marginal with only a 2.1 differential between the top performing and lowest performing universities in the region. We will have the detailed comparative stats towards the end of this month.

HE provider Employment Performance Indicator (%)

University of the West of England, Bristol - 95.1

The University of Exeter - 94.9

University of South Wales - 94.9

Cardiff University - 94.8

Cardiff Metropolitan University - 94.8

University of Gloucestershire - 94.4

Bath Spa University - 93.9

The University of Bristol - 93.2

The University of Bath - 93.0

University of Plymouth - 93.0

Professor Steve West, President and Vice-Chancellor said, “Our positioning in the latest available HESA data is testament to the concerted effort we place on integrating skills needed by employers into all of our degree programmes.

“Students are given fantastic opportunities to gain valuable work experience through the relationships we have built with 1,000s of employers in the region.

“Students are also encouraged to apply for internship schemes and there are hundreds of volunteer opportunities offered throughout the year designed to build confidence, experience and community spirit.

“The university also works closely with employers to ensure that degree courses are relevant with many courses offering placements and live projects where students work to a real brief set by companies.

“Employability is at the heart of UWE Bristol's business and we pride ourselves on delivering relevant experience so our students can enter the real world of work armed with the confidence and skills to succeed.”

Maggie Westgarth continues, “We deliver a funded Internship programme supporting current undergraduate students who want to test ideas or business concepts. We give them support, mentoring and a safe space to try out their ideas.

“In 2016, we supported 11 Innovate student interns through our 'Factory' incubation space. Students worked on a range of innovative start-ups including Computer Game Design, Biodegradable Nappy Services, Drone Defence Systems, Solitary Bee Homes, Sleep monitoring and feedback systems

“For 2017, based on the success of the project, we've secured £40,000 of funding to support 40 Interns.

“The Innovate Internships run for eight weeks over the summer months to ensure students have the time and space to work on their ideas, supported by staff, mentors and funding.”

Detailed analysis of this data will be available later in July.

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