Students to respond to 'mass casualty' incident in simulation exercise

Issue date: 03 July 2017

Simulation exercise at UWE Bristol

Paramedic science and nursing students from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) will practise responding to a major incident as part of a simulation exercise.

Undergraduates will be tasked with treating 'mass casualties' following a staged accident at the university's Glenside campus tomorrow (Tuesday 4 July).

Course lecturers say dealing with the realistic scenario will help students understand the multi-faceted role of an emergency clinician responding to an incident where multiple serious injuries have been sustained.

There will be 25 responding student clinicians, entering the scene at staggered intervals in small groups to simulate a realistic ambulance response.

The simulation will feature actors and volunteers playing the role of patients along with life-like mannequins, allowing a range of injury patterns from fatal to minor to be depicted.

'Patients' will be transported to a simulated emergency department on campus staffed by students who will act as A&E nurses. This part of the exercise is aimed at fostering partnership working and giving students the opportunity to practice inter-professional communication, particularly patient handovers.

Event co-ordinator Simon Kersey, Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science at UWE Bristol, said: “Simulation exercises such as this give our students invaluable experience in dealing with a major incident in a realistic practise environment.

“The day offers our students a fantastic opportunity to effectively demonstrate triage and casualty care in a mass casualty setting, as well as to practise all-important communication skills while under pressure.”

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