Expert available to comment on the government's consultation on a clean air plan

Issue date: 05 May 2017

Air pollution

Researchers from the internationally renowned Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC) that is based at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) are available for media commentary in respect of the government's Air Quality Management plan that is expected to be released on Friday 5 May 2017.

Professor Jim Longhurst is available to comment on the reason for the plan, the measures contained within it and the likely effectiveness of the proposed measures.

Professor Longhurst, Executive Director of the AQMRC and Professor of Environmental Science said, “I can provide a background briefing on the causes of our contemporary air pollution problem, the sources contributing to these issues, the spatial and temporal scale of the problems and the impacts on health and environment.”

Professor Jim Longhurst is recognised for his expertise in Air Quality Management. His research on air quality management has been supported by a wide range of national and international agencies over a 30 year period.

He founded the AQMRC in 1996 and the centre operates at the interface of science and policy integrating research and its application in the real world. The Centre provides air quality and carbon management support to numerous local, national and international practitioners, researchers and stakeholders, through a combination of research and consultancy projects.

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