UWE expert comments on Trump inauguration

Issue date: 20 January 2017

Dr Stephen McGlinchey from the University of the West of England has offered up commentary today in relation to the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump at 17:00 GMT today.

Dr McGlinchey said, “Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th president of the United States is significant. His campaigning persona, his cabinet picks, his stated intentions and his erratic nature all indicate a complex and unpredictable road ahead at home and abroad.

“In Europe, his tenure will mark the remaking of the transatlantic relationship, which will be recast in a new and largely unpredictable post-Brexit scenario.

“Globally, his ambiguous views on climate change and his opposition to globalisation mark a significant step change in the very nature of US politics.

“As he takes his oath of office, many will wonder that if he succeeds in making America 'great again' – then for whom and at what cost?”

Dr McGlinchey is Editor-in-Chief and Director of E-International Relations, the world's leading open access international relations website. He writes frequently for E-International Relations and his political commentary has featured in publications such as The National Interest, open Democracy and RealClearWorld.

His academic interests are in US foreign policy and his academic research to date has explored US-Iran relations during the Cold War.

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