Pertinax Pharma moves to Future Space at UWE Bristol

Issue date: 24 November 2016

The Team at Pertinax Pharma

Pertinax Pharma is the latest company to take up office and laboratory spaces at the state of the art Future Space based at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol). The company is a spin out from the University of Bristol and a team of research scientists and commercial management will occupy a laboratory and two office units.

Chief Financial Officer for Pertinax Pharma, Stuart Gibson, said, “We had outgrown our space in the University of Bristol but it was important for us to remain near the School of Dentistry where were previously based. Moving our operation to Future Space offers us the opportunity to expand our team as we look to develop Pertinax for new applications and markets.”

Pertinax is a patent-protected, sustained release technology for chlorhexidine, a common antiseptic. It can be used as a filler component of materials for biomedical and other applications, as a component of topical agents, and as a coating for medical devices.

Dr. Michele Barbour, CSO, commented, “We initially developed Pertinax in my University laboratory as a microbial infection control technology for use in dental applications. We are now developing Pertinax for much broader healthcare, veterinary and dental uses.

“Pertinax confers controllably sustained antimicrobial efficacy on the material or device which, depending on the application, can be formulated to persist for weeks, months or years. In this way, Pertinax overcomes the major shortcoming of commercially available formulations of chlorhexidine, namely their short duration of antimicrobial activity.”

The company is looking to expand into different markets such as application of the product in wound care and veterinary markets.

Elaine McKechnie, Director of Future Space, said, “We are delighted to welcome Pertinax Pharma to Future Space. The company was impressed by the potential that we can offer to expand the business as it grows and the working environment that we offer here.

“Pertinax Pharma is the first lab customer to join Future Space. There is a shortage of lab space in the region so we know that we are fulfilling a need here and that this will make the space attractive to a range of businesses and research projects.

“We are finding that the benefits of having wet lab and office units, social and meeting spaces and a collaborative research atmosphere are also making this an attractive offer to companies.”

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