Shadow Robot Company opens office at Future Space at UWE Bristol

Issue date: 26 October 2016

Robotic arm holding human hand

Bristol's newest workspace for the tech/science community welcomes esteemed robotics company.

One of the UK's longest-running robotics companies, Shadow Robot, has opened a new office in Bristol's Future Space which is based at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), adjacent to the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL).

Shadow Robot are a partner in the Innovate UK-funded CHIRON project, a two year programme to design care robotics for the future, partnering with the BRL and Designability, amongst others.

Managing Director of Shadow Robot, Rich Walker, said, “Having an office in Bristol is perfect for us. We have many links out here in the West of England, and it's a great base for us to work closer with our partners on the CHIRON project.

“We're also keen to build new relationships in this area, and Future Space seems like the best possible fit for us in terms of location and links to other innovators and businesses.”

The Centre Director of Future Space, Elaine McKechnie said, “Shadow Robot is a perfect fit for Future Space and we are very excited that they have decided to set up a base here. Shadow Robot joins a growing group of engineering and technology companies that are seeking to work in a stimulating environment that will nurture collaboration opportunities.”

Associate Professor Praminda Caleb-Solly, leading the BRL element of the CHIRON project said, “Ensuring that our research into developing assistive robots has the potential to reach people and make an impact in the real-world requires working from the start with commercial partners such as Shadow Robot. The BRL distinguishes itself from other research organisations in this area by working in a participatory manner with not only commercial enterprise who have experience of delivering market-ready products but also people who will be using technology in their homes and care organisations.

“It makes huge sense for Shadow Robot to take up a base in Bristol. We are working together with commercial partners on other robotic solutions to help older people live for longer in their own homes. We're delighted to have such an established robotics team joining us next door to the BRL and hope this proximity will help us develop further research collaborations.”

The CHIRON project (Care at Home using Intelligent Robotic Omni-functional Nodes) looks to create a set of intelligent modular robotic systems, located in multiple positions around your home; CHIRON could help you with personal hygiene tasks in the morning, help you get ready for the day and even support you in preparing your favourite meal in the kitchen.

It is being managed by a consortium led by Designability. The key technology partners are the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Shadow Robot Company, who have considerable expertise in conducting pioneering research and development in robotics.

Award winning social enterprise care provider, Three Sisters Care will bring user-centred design to the very core of our project. Smart Homes & Buildings Association will work with stakeholders to understand how best to introduce the range of devices that will comprise CHIRON to different user groups.

About the Shadow Robot Company: Shadow was founded in 1987 by a group of robotics enthusiasts in North London. Since then the group evolved into one of the longest running robotics companies in the UK. Shadow has been developing robotics technologies and using them to solve problems since its inception.

For the last ten years, Shadow has delivered exciting engineering projects for clients with outstanding work in Mechanical, Electronic, Software and Pneumatic Engineering. Collaborations range from theatre projects with Leeds University and Museum Animatronics, to working with both NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) and universities throughout the world. Two recent projects include the award-winning TV program 'How to Build a Bionic Man' ('The Incredible Bionic Man' in the US) and the development of the ground-breaking Moley Robotic Kitchen.

Shadow is currently applying robotic manipulation technologies to a range of areas, from research into robot hands through to applications in marine, logistics and agriculture. For more information, visit

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