Parents sought for university study on child burn injuries

Issue date: 16 September 2016

Centre for Appearance Research

Parents whose children have suffered burn injuries are being sought for a research project being led by an academic from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).

The study is being conducted by Dr Jennifer Heath, a PhD researcher at the world-renowned Centre for Appearance Research based at UWE Bristol.

She is aiming to survey mothers and fathers about the support, or absence of support, they received when their son or daughter was injured.

Jennifer said: “I would like to survey the opinions of parents who have received support, as well those who have not. This is in order to establish the extent to which avenues of support are accessed by parents, why they are accessed and whether they are beneficial.

“I would also like to establish what type of support parents would find most useful, and at what stage after the burn injury it would be best for services to offer such support.”

Every year in the UK, approximately 175,000 people (58,000 children) attend accident and emergency departments for treatment after experiencing a burn injury. Of those, 16,100 are admitted for hospital care and around 1,000 patients with severe burns receive specialist care. Higher rates of burns are seen in the under-fives and people over the age of 75.

Jennifer, a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in an adult burns unit, is carrying out the research because it could contribute to service developments which might benefit patients and their families.

She said: “I am hoping to interview 15 parents for the initial study by November. If parents come forward and want to participate after I have met my interview target, I can hold their details on file and invite them to participate in the second phase - a questionnaire study. All participants will remain anonymous and it is intended that the results from these two phases of research will inform the development of a support intervention for parents.

“All parents who have a child who has suffered but survived a burn injury requiring hospital treatment are invited to participate. I am recruiting parents from all over the country. Either both parents, or just one, can participate in the research.

“It doesn't matter when the injury took place - this means some burn-injured 'children' may in fact be adults. Parents of burn-injured adults are not excluded from the study.”

If you are interested in taking part in the study, please read the study information and complete the consent form here: Alternatively, contact Jennifer directly at

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