Vice-Chancellor Steve West responds to referendum outcome

Issue date: 18 July 2016

Professor Steve West

Responding further to the UK decision to leave the European Union, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) Professor Steve West has said, "I recognise that leaving the European Union will create significant uncertainty for all UK universities, particularly around the mobility of staff and students, the funding of student loans and research, and our international partnerships.

"Whilst many questions remain unanswered I want to stress the following:

"Firstly, the most important fact is that nothing has changed. The University remains a place that welcomes all students and staff to its community. Home, EU and International students and staff make the University what it is - a truly inspiring, friendly and supportive place to work and study.

"Secondly, the status of staff and students remains the same and will continue until such time as the rules change through negotiation with the EU. This will take time to achieve. To be clear this means that EU students who are studying with us or who will be joining us in September 2016 and accessing support via the Student Loans Company will continue as now. They will be supported for the length of their programme providing they achieve and progress in their programme. Staff employment remains as now and our ability to bid for EU funding remains as now.

"If any current or prospective students have any questions, they should contact us on 0117 32 83333. Any current or prospective staff with questions can call us on 0117 32 85678.

"Further answers have been produced by Universities UK. These can be found on the Universities UK website.

"The University and the Students' Union at UWE Bristol will always be committed to welcoming students from across the world, whether from Europe or beyond, and we promote an inclusive, internationalised and integrated community here at the University. Bristol itself is a multicultural and international city, and UWE Bristol is committed to ensuring that celebrating the diversity the city brings is a priority.

"At UWE Bristol, we are a strong, diverse and multicultural community, proud to unite around our motto of Light, Liberty and Learning. As we move forward we will stay true to our purpose and values, as the new future for the UK in the global economy emerges."

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