Transport researcher supports National Walking Month

Issue date: 26 May 2016

Dr Miriam Ricci

Dr Miriam Ricci, Senior Researcher in the Centre for Transport and Society has been encouraging staff and students to get walking, this National Walking Month, in support of the UK charity Living Streets ' promotional campaign.

Dr Ricci provided a case study highlighting the benefits of her daily four mile commute home on foot from Frenchay Campus.

The case study below was featured in the May issue ofTop Santé magazine.

Miriam says, “My four mile walking commute back home starts at UWE Frenchay campus and takes me through quiet suburban neighbourhoods. I have to cross only three relatively busy roads so the walk is pleasant and lets me relax after a day's work.

“I normally walk back from work three times a week when it's not dark and relatively dry, but as I don't own a car I basically walk everywhere anyway! I've been doing this for about two years and it's definitely something that has improved the quality of my life, and my mental and physical health.

“During the walk I go on "autopilot", and I normally reflect on what I've done and mentally prepare myself for what's coming next. Being an academic, I relish this time on my own when I can think about my research and be creative. I've had the best ideas for projects or solved problems, and even "written" papers in my head, all while walking.

“When I hear people say that it takes too long to walk, I think it's a matter of choosing your priorities. I'm a busy single working parent, with very little time to spare. But for me investing about an hour and fifteen minutes a day for a power walk is priceless and immensely beneficial. I feel energised, happy and ready for all my evening tasks. And my sleep has also improved. If I can do it, I cannot see why others wouldn't be able too. In the end all you need is a pair of comfortable trainers.”

May is National Walking Month. Visit Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, and make your pledge to #Try20 minutes of walking every day through May.

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