Wing Commander Andy Green to give Bloodhound SSC lecture

Issue date: 16 March 2016

Wing Commander Andy Green will give this year's Bloodhound Supersonic Car Lecture at UWE Bristol's Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC).

As part of his talk, Andy will discuss the challenges and obstacles that will face the Bloodhound team as they prepare the supersonic car for its first run, set for next year.

Andy set the current World Land Speed Record of 763 mph as the driver of the Thrust Supersonic Car, a record the Bloodhound team will dramatically surpass as they set their sights on 1,000 mph.

Andy says, “Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) is part F1 car, part supersonic jet fighter and part next-generation space rocket. In developing this car to attempt 1,000 mph, the Bloodhound team has relied critically on the technical support of a world-class group of organisations and sponsors. UWE Bristol was one of the first to join the Project, and we are very grateful for all the help and support we've received in this astonishing global 'Engineering Adventure'.”

As well as Andy's headline lecture, there will also be a soapbox style talk by current UWE Bristol students David Dunnings and Daniel Weston, who are both in the 3rd year of a Games Technology degree at the University. David and Daniel are part of UWE Bristol's in-house Games Technology Enterprise Studio, PlayWest, and with support from their lecturers have designed the 'Bloodhound Inspector' telemetry software. The Bloodhound engineering team will use this software to observe and record the critical sensor data the car is producing during its world record run.

Dr John Lanham, who leads the project for UWE Bristol, says, “In this last year we have extended UWE Bristol student participation in the Bloodhound Project, by employing two second year students through PlayWest. The two students have been working with the team to write interface software that will be used during, and after, each run to display data on the car, and will allow the engineers to interrogate and check the car's systems. This work has provided the students with valuable real world experience on a very challenging but exciting project.”

PlayWest has also designed a 'Bloodhound Presenter' - an educational guide of the car's systems based on the 'Inspector' software – as well as 'Speed Titans', an exciting game in which players can drag race all Land Speed Record cars against each other, learning about speed and forces in the process.

UWE Bristol is a founding sponsor of the Bloodhound Project, and is leading university level engagement in the initiative, developing materials and case studies for use by partner universities. The Bloodhound team is making all the data generated available for use in education.

John Lanham continues, “One of the key objectives of Bloodhound SSC is to raise interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects amongst young people, in order to meet future skills shortages in the UK economy. At UWE Bristol we have seen a doubling of student numbers in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since we started the partnership with Bloodhound. While national trends have been strong, we are seeing increases above these which confirms the positive impact the project is having.”

A podcast of the lecture will be made available after the talk. For more information on the event itself, please visit the UWE Bristol events pages.

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