Issue date: 10 March 2003

ISSUE DATE: 10/03/03

Later Medieval Bristol: Community, Communications and Conflict – a one-day conference – Saturday 15 March 2003

The University of the West of England’s Regional History Centre is holding a one day conference which takes a closer look at Late Medieval Bristol and its region on Saturday 15 March at St Matthias Campus.

Peter Fleming, Centre Co-Director, said, “This is a fairly informal Day School and open to interested members of the public as well as academics. Bristol at this time was among England’s leading towns. It sat at the heart of a rich and varied agricultural region, surrounded by a large number of smaller towns. This was the age of John Cabot, the discoverer of Newfoundland, of William Canynges, Bristol’s greatest merchant, and of William Worcestre, who described the town in unique detail.”

“We have a wealth of fascinating evidence for this period, and the speakers in this Day School will be exploring topics as diverse as the life of a Bristol Parish, the politics of Bristol, its relation to the Tudor crown, and the relationship between Bristol and its immediate neighbours.”

Speakers include:

Dr Christian Liddy (University of Durham): Bristol in the later fourteenth century

Dr Clive Burgess (University of London): The Parish of All Saints

Mr James Lee (UWE): Early Tudor Bristol – Points of contact

Dr Tony Scrase (UWE): Living with Big Brother Bristol, the Towns of Somerset
The conference will be held on the St Matthias Campus of the University of the West of England, Oldbury Court Road, Fishponds. The conference begins with registration at 10.00am and finishes at 4.00pm. The booking fee is £5.00.

Please contact Dr Peter Fleming, Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science, UWE, St Matthias Campus, Oldbury Court Road, Bristol BS16 2JP (e-mail peter.fleming@uwe.ac.uk) by Monday 10 March if you wish to attend.


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