Numbers capture Green Capital success at UWE Bristol

Issue date: 18 December 2015

As Bristol's European Green Capital Year draws to a close, UWE Bristol has been reflecting on a hugely successful calendar of events engaging students, staff and the general public in the barriers and initiatives to achieving a healthy and sustainable city region.

From the University's first ever MOOC to concerts and art exhibitions, beach cleans and a beehive on campus, the figures below capture the buzz at UWE Bristol for Green Capital.

UWE Bristol's Green Capital 2015 in Numbers

· More than 4,000 staff and students have attended presentations/stalls specifically about Bristol Green Capital 2015

· Nearly 200 events of relevance to the themes of Green Capital have taken place, either led, co-ordinated or facilitated by UWE

· More than 3000 students have engaged, volunteered, interned or undertaken projects related to the Green Capital

· 700 UWE students have undertaken more than 60000 hours of voluntary activity in the city during 2015. That's more than 34 years of work!

· More than 600 students signed up to the Student's Union at UWE's Green Team during Freshers' Fair which has led to the establishment of 8 student-led sustainability projects

· More than 7,000 people attended conferences, seminars and other externally facing events related to themes of Green Capital, either led, coordinated or facilitated by UWE

· Our Green City, the Strategic Grant funded MOOC , had 1,400 unique registrations from across the world

· More than 300 performers and over 1300 students, staff and friends of UWE recently attended the Green and Pleasant Land CPA Concert and UWE's Big Green Carol Service

Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Professor Jim Longhurst who led UWE Bristol's Green Capital strategy said, “I am delighted with the way in which the University has engaged with the opportunities of the Green Capital Year. In our teaching, our research and in our engagement with the cultural life of the city our staff and students have explored the meaning of living in a healthy and sustainable city region. The University Green Capital Year has been a great success and I look forward to this engagement continuing for many years to come.”

Vicki Harris, UWE Green Capital Strategy Co-ordinator, said, “Bristol 2015 has inspired and energised students and staff, engaging them in the issues at UWE, in the city and beyond - above all it has provided a solid foundation on which to build in 2016.”

Dr Billy Clayton, Co-ordinator of the HEFCE funded Green Capital Student Capital project said, “Students have given more than 60000 hours of their time to improving our university and city. This is a huge achievement and students truly deserve their title as Green Capital Change Makers.”

Visit the UWE Green Capital webpages to relive some of the year's highlights.

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