'Most influential Bristolians under 24' features UWE Bristol rising stars

Issue date: 04 December 2015

UWE Bristol Filmmaker, Isabelle Rose Neill and Samantha Payne, COO, Open Bionics, have been included in Rife Magazine's 2015 24 Most Influential Bristolians under 24.

Rife Magazine's second annual list celebrates and nurtures the talent of young people in Bristol. The 2015 class is categorized by music, film, technology, fashion, social issues, politics and art.

Filmmaking and Creative Media Graduate, Isabelle Rose Neill appears under Film at number 6 on the list. Her Rife Magazine listing reads:

Isabelle is a filmmaker who tells human stories. She moved to Bristol to study Filmmaking & Creative Media at UWE in 2011 and very quickly the city felt like home. In that time she made her own docs about OAP sea swimmers, pom-pom covered sheep, and inspirational nanas. Alongside studies she began freelancing for BBC Outreach, working in communities across the city and with charities like Crisis Centre, Unseen and WaterAid. Now, she is a freelance filmmaker and photographer, using multimedia to get important stories told.

'I've just completed my first scary year of being a full time freelancer. The project that I'm most proud of working on is “Across The Tracks”, a documentary by WaterAid, exploring how something as simple as a toilet can help transform lives, following the story of one ambitious mother in a railway slum in Kanpur, India. See the film here. I worked alongside an amazing team, as second camera and photographer. Most of all I loved spending time with the people in this community and hearing their stories.' Follow Isabelle on Twitter at @isolafilms

Samantha Payne is listed at number 16 under Technology. Samantha is the co-founder and COO of Open Bionics, a company based in the Technology Business Incubator at Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

Her Rife Magazine entry reads:

Samantha is the co-founder of Open Bionics. An award-winning startup creating 3D printed bionic hands. Samantha came runner-up in a global tech competition run by Intel, and was recently named as one of the Top 25 women in robotics you should know about. An alum of the Disney TechStars accelerator based in LA, Samantha has a keen interest in Bristol's creative and tech scene which she covered as a freelance reporter for the Bristol Business Post, where she's now a columnist.

'Thanks for the nomination dad (just kidding). I'm surprised to find myself on this list and I'm really happy to be here. I love Bristol and its vibrant style so it's fantastic to be counted as one notorious Bristolian. I've been super lucky to have been making my way around some of Bristol's most creative institutions from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, to the Pervasive Media Studio, to Knowle West Media Centre and the Bristol Post. Bristol's creative industries are thriving and it's an exciting thing to be a part of. I heart Bristol and robots.'

Find out more about Samantha and the Open Bionics team on Twitter at @OpenBionics

The inaugural 24 Most Influential Bristolians under 24 in 2014 showcased the talent of four up and coming UWE creative talents: Anna-May Richards, 6th in the Green Category; Silas Adekunle 13th for Technology; Rhys Buchanan 22nd in the Media category and Chloe Meneick from the Pervasive Media Studio, a collaboration between The Watershed, UWE Bristol and The University of Bristol.

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