Issue date: 03 March 2003

ISSUE DATE: 03/03/03

6 March, Professor Martin Boddy
Re-discovering the City

The headlines used to shout ‘urban deprivation’ and ‘urban riots’ but now we read about the ‘urban renaissance’ and the ‘urban summit’ organised by John Prescott to celebrate cities and chart the new urban future. This lecture will explore the rhetoric and reality of the shift in perception of our towns and cities.

3 April, Professor Angela Hull
Sustainable Development:
Creating Sustainable Patterns of Development

We are told that high-density cities are sustainable cities, reducing the need for car travel and improving community life. Government policies exhort local authorities and developers to pursue these ideals, but are they being achieved? This lecture looks at the passage of new housing developments through the planning system, and asks whether they will help to deliver sustainability.

1 May, Professor Glenn Lyons
Transport and Society

Transport research, policy and practice has moved into a new era. From a legacy of infrastructure provision, network management and economics - inexorable growth in road use has lead to the need to manage demand and take greater account of social and environmental issues. This lecture explores the links between transport and society to highlight the realities that transport's future must confront.

29 May, Professor Marilyn Taylor
The Art of Dissent

Conflict is essential to democracy. At a time when the government is promoting partnership and civic engagement, this lecture will note how the dissenting tradition has helped shape our relatively tolerant and stable society, and look at the importance of dissent in the current English voluntary and community sectors.

26 June, Professor Ming Sun
Construction Innovation and the Role of IT

IT will transform the traditional construction industry, altering the relationships along the supply chain, giving site workers the power to share knowledge and information instantly, and making smart buildings a reality. This lecture will explain how the construction industry can meet its potential - for itself and its clients - by catching up on the IT revolution.

All lectures start at 6.00pm and finish by 7.15pm, tea and coffee available from 5.30pm and refreshments afterwards.

Held at Arup, 63 St Thomas Street, Bristol (5 minutes walk to Temple Meads or City Centre).

Free - to book a place call Jeni Lee on 0117 344 3000 or email Jennifer2.Lee@uwe.ac.uk


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