Issue date: 27 February 2003

ISSUE DATE: 27/02/03

Friday 7 March at 10.00am – 2.00pm, Faculty of Law, UWE

Admission free

This colloquium, organised by the Centre for Legal Research at the University of the West of England, will address some of the key legal issues in the ongoing Iraqi crisis.

The seminar organiser, Ademola Abass, who lectures in public international Law and UN law at UWE, says, “The Iraqi crisis raises various issues in international law. These concern the law on the use of force, the authority of the Security council, collective security, the remedies available to civilians, double standards in international law and the future of the United Nations. The seminar will cover these issues from a legal academic viewpoint by bringing together a range of experts in this subject.”

The speakers and topics include:

Professor Nigel White, Professor of International Organisation and Head School of Law, University of Nottingham
Topic: Self Defence, Security Council authority and Iraq

Professor Malcolm Evans, Professor of Public International Law, University of Bristol
Topic: Remedies in International Law: Any hopes for Iraqi civilians?

Professor McGodrick, Professor of Public International Law, University of Liverpool
Topic: Iraq conflict and the applicable principles of International Law

Other participants include Ademola Abass, (Law/UWE) and Dr Mashood Baderin, (Law/UWE).

The topics to be addressed by eminent international lawyers will focus on such issues as double standards in international law, the politics of the Iraq crisis and the implications for international law and the international community. The implications of demonstrating against war and human shields will also be addressed as the talk will also cover whether there is a right against war.

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