UWE graduate works on BBC's ground-breaking new documentary

Issue date: 24 December 2014

To view a gallery of images from the documentary please visit the UWE Bristol News Flickr page.

UWE Bristol graduate, James Dalby, recently finished working as an Edit Assistant on the BBC's ground-breaking new natural history documentary, The Snow Wolf Family and Me, which will be aired on BBC2 on 29 and 30 December at 21:00.

Produced by the world renowned, Bristol based Natural History Unit, the programme follows Gordon Buchanan as he attempts to get closer to wild wolves than anyone has before, to discover the true nature of this feared predator.

Gordon and the team travelled to the remote Canadian Arctic in search of wolves that had never seen people. Utilising his skills as a wildlife cameraman, Gordon began to gain the trust of a white wolf family. As spring turned to summer he became accepted by the pack, including mother 'Luna' and her three new-born pups, and could be the closest anyone has been to wild wolves since they were domesticated more than 10,000 years ago.

As part of the team behind the shoot, James developed and modified the technology needed to get close to the wolves in the wild. A Remote Camera buggy, a modified 'GoPro' with an extra-long battery life and a motion activated, night vision multi camera system, which the wolves later destroyed, were built and tested ahead of the extreme shooting conditions in Canada.

James says, “This production has been fantastic to work on. It has been a thrill to develop new technology that gets us closer than ever to wildlife and I have been working with incredible footage which has never been shot before. It is amazing to work on a film which we hope will positively change the way that millions of people perceive wolves.”

A selection of images from the documentary are available on the UWE Bristol News Flickr pages.

James graduated from UWE Bristol in 2011 with a BA (Hons) in Media Practice, and soon gained employment with Icon Films in Bristol, working on content for the The One Show, before being offered a position within the BBC Natural History Unit.

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