Creativity can boost UK prosperity, says CEO of Creative England

Issue date: 26 November 2014

Caroline Norbury - CEO Creative England

4 December 2014, The Watershed at 18:00

What links Christopher Columbus, Punk Rock, and the banking industry? Creative enterprise – something that Creative England CEO Caroline Norbury will argue should be at the heart of economic thinking.

In a lecture at the Watershed on 4 December at 18:00, organised by the University of the West of England, Caroline will explain how creativity can not only enrich people's lives, but create wealth and prosperity for the UK.

The creative industry is growing at a faster rate than any other UK industry sector and changing rapidly. Increasingly focused on highly innovative cross-sector ventures, supporting hi-end manufacturing, retail and healthcare, creativity is everywhere.

Yet creative businesses are still not viewed as the viable businesses they can be and their economic importance is underestimated. Caroline will challenge these perceptions:

“In the UK there remains a lack of appetite to put money into something which one can't see, feel or touch and we have a very odd idea of what constitutes 'risk'.

“We must take risks, follow our gut instincts and encourage those holding the purse strings to follow suit.

We must be bold, and trust the creativity of people; because that doesn't just build new businesses, it builds stronger communities, and fosters the creativity that is one of the hallmarks of our country.”

Tickets are still available for the event: Register here

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