We Live in Curious Times - award success for Graphic Design publication at ISTD International Typographic Awards

Issue date: 10 October 2014

We Live in Curious Times Award

Students and staff on BA(Hons)Graphic Design have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for their course publication – We Live in Curious Times at the recent ISTD International Typographic Awards.

Each year staff and students look at none traditional ways of promoting the BA(Hons)Graphic Design course through a publication that seeks to engage the design industry both nationally and internationally. The 2014 edition, We Live in Curious Times, received this accolade in the category of Promotional brochures/Catalogues.

The ISTD International Typographic Awards are held every three years to celebrate and appraise standards of excellence in typographic design, and are judged by some of today's leading graphic, interactive and typographic design specialists, chosen to reflect a diversity of expertise within the design industry.

The Awards are the only scheme that specifically assesses the typographic element of projects from a wide range of design disciplines. Entries were invited from around the world, from designers who have used typography as an integral part of their design solution.

The UWE Bristol submission, We Live in Curious Times, was art directed by the Graphic Design staff, with the design credited to a team of final year students: Camille Lapham-Flores, Ellen Bills, Chloé Johnston, Rémi Mortimer, Sam Daw, Max Malone and Will Richardson.

We Live in Curious Times is the students' response to the challenges they face as professional designers working in a rapidly changing digital age. Their thoughts are eloquently captured in the introduction to the publication, accompanied by a striking video highlighting the design process.

The introduction states, “We don't just turn a page anymore, we click a link, we touch a screen, we scan, scroll, open and close. Each action we make exposes us to more information, more news, more imagery, more text, more creativity, more noise.

“Never before have we been exposed to such an abundance of information. The technology we use is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. The very way we think may be changing. Never before has it been so challenging for a designer to grasp your attention. The attention economy is a competitive game. Designers must learn to combine mediums, mastering print design, alongside digital. Experience has taught us that rather than competing, pixel and paper go hand in hand. Designers must also learn to create experiences, going beyond screen and page, distracting you in new and original ways.

“The publication is a visual essay, is a reflection upon the current climate we are about to enter as professional designers; a climate where the lines between virtuality and reality are blurred. It invites you to consider what grabs your attention. We ask you: user, consumer, designer, person, complex individual- within this sea of information, are you sinking or swimming?”

Colum Leith, Programme Leader for Graphic Design, said, “The promotion of a graphic design course is not only about attracting a strong student cohort, but also letting the design industry know on both national and international levels what we are all about here at UWE Bristol. It raises the value of our graduates profile as a whole; it gives an insight into the intelligent design practice that takes place within and beyond our walls. We seek to foster an environment where we lead in design education not pander to sector wide norms. This approach has been validated by this award.”

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