PhD conference in Monetary and Financial Economics

Issue date: 07 July 2014

PhD conference in Monetary and Financial Economics

Supported by the Royal Economic Society
Centre for Global Finance, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Friday 27 June 2014

The Centre for Global Finance (CGF) at the Faculty of Business and Law hosted a national conference for PhD students on 27th June 2014 on the theme of Monetary and Financial Economics, supported by the Royal Economic Society. This is the third time the Centre has run the event.

Amongst the wider group of attendees, 17 PhD students from universities from across the UK were selected in a competitive process to present their work and receive valuable feedback from Centre discussants and other students. The purpose of the conference was to provide a platform for students to present their research in an academic paper format in preparation for careers in industry or academia.

The conference attracted an insightful keynote presentation in the morning from Jeremy Batstone-Carr, Director of Private Client Research, Charles Stanley, and Visiting Practitioner Professor at the Centre for Global Finance, who presented on the topic of “The Equity Risk Premium and its Relevance for Financial Market Practitioners”. In the afternoon, the keynote speaker was Professor Keith Pilbeam, Professor of International Economics and Finance at City University London, who presented on the topic of “The Uncovered Interest Rate Parity Puzzle: Is Econometrics Telling us the Wrong Thing?” Both speakers spent time with the students to discuss not only their research projects, but also careers development opportunities in both academia and the finance sector.

The Centre for Global Finance is well placed to support doctoral events as its reputation for excellent research in the area of global finance grows. The Centre has now grown to 50 members, 14 of whom are research students. Its expertise spans corporate finance and financial markets, international monetary systems and financial institutions, international corporate financial reporting, and governance and accountability in financial services.

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