It's the green light for Luke Jerram's Park and Slide in Bristol

Issue date: 02 May 2014

Mock up of the Park and Slide project for Bristol. Photograph: LukeJerram

Internationally renowned artist and UWE Bristol visiting senior research fellow, Luke Jerram is delighted to announce that his latest installation – Park and Slide will go ahead this Sunday 4 May from 11:00-17:00 subject to a final health and safety sign off on the day.

Spectators will line the streets to cheer on the 360 lucky ticketholders that will race down Park Street, Bristol on a 90m (300ft) giant water slide.

Interest in the event has been phenomenal with Park and Slide making headlines across the globe including China, across Europe and the US. Images will be shared across the world, with over 30 news organisations expressing an interest in attending the event.

Park and Slide is the latest project dreamt up by Bristol based artist, Luke Jerram. It was funded through donations to a successful crowdfunding campaign which raised over £5,600.

Luke Jerram has been overwhelmed by the public response to his latest project .He said, “The amount of interest and demand has been a wonderful surprise. It's obviously an idea that has captured the imagination of a lot of people – we'd have to keep the slide open every day for about eight months to let everyone who has applied have a go. The queue would extend for 30miles!”

The event is described on the project website as, “enabling people to navigate the streets of their city in a new way, the slide is a simple architectural intervention and a playful response to the urban landscape. Like many of Jerram's projects the installation requires public participation to be activated. The person on the slide becomes the performer, while spectators either side watch on.”

Park and Slide is the headline event on Make Sundays Special and Bristol Art Weekender. Bristolians have been eagerly anticipating the event since the project was announced in March with over 96,000 people signing up for the chance of a 'ticket to slide' through a ticket ballot.

All 360 tickets to slide have now been issued, spectators are encouraged to come along and enjoy the fun for free. They will help to create an electric atmosphere for all the riders, through the cowbells that Luke Jerram's team will be issuing to the crowds. It is hoped that the crowds will mimic the atmosphere and excitement of a winter sports event.

The simple slide consists of blue plastic sheeting, water and Ecover washing up liquid. These off the shelf parts have been kept inexpensive, so that anyone around the world can create their own urban slide.

The team plan to create documents describing all details of the slide and its planning, which can be downloaded from theBristol Slide website after a small donation to the charity FRANK Water has been made.

Luke Jerram's previous works include Come Play with Me, which saw pianos appear on the street in major cities across the world.

Last summer at Bristol's Temple Meads Station, Luke Jerram unveiled 'Maya',an intriguing experimental sculpture of a young girl standing alone and gazing at her mobile phone. Luke is a visiting senior research fellow at UWE Bristol's Centre for Fine Print Research and was also assisted in this work by the Centre for Machine Vision, part of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

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