UWE Bristol Illustration students go 'Hot & Cold' at the Tobacco Factory

Issue date: 27 February 2014

'Hot & Cold', Tobacco Factory (Main Bar) until 2 March 2014

'Hot & Cold' is an opportunity to take in the talent of UWE Bristol's final year BA (Hons) Illustration students as they showcase their latest work in an exhibition at the Tobacco Factory, Bristol.

Collectively known as Break a Lead, the students have taken over the main bar at the Tobacco Factory with their exploration of warm and cool colours.

Student Graham Johnson, speaking on behalf of Break a Lead, said, “We're very happy to have our work displayed in such a great spot for Bristol art and culture, and think it's a great opportunity to have people see our work. I'm personally very proud of how the show has come together and how it looks now it's up. I feel the Hot & Cold theme holds the show together in a strong visual way.”

Graham's work focuses mostly on the field of comics exploring human interaction. Adding to this in his work for 'Hot & Cold', Graham uses cool blues to emphasise the idea of being cold and alone, with only your memories for company.

'Spring Lust' is one in a four part series of drawings by Gabriela Romagna. Gabriela says, “This particular piece symbolises the versatility of the spring season. It is not particularly cold or hot but finds its place in the middle. Springtime is also known for the awakening of feelings, new beginnings and this is what I tried to capture in this illustration.”

Sophie Filomena took her inspiration by reversing the idea of what 'Hot and Cold' is all about. She says, “The theme for my image was 'Cold'; however I created a jungle scene that generally would represent 'Hot'. Using typically cold colours I introduced an abstract concept, with the help of the giant hairy legs for added humour.”

Rosie Carmichael wanted to convey the theme of cold in a human, mechanical sense through her work. She said, “I am currently interested in the idea of digital dystopia and the blurred boundary between humans and machine - with machines becoming more human and vice versa. My work often utilises digital technology in unconventional ways, emphasising digital glitches and quirks. This piece was a combination of digital and manual processes, created by distorted screen scanning.”

For a number of years, UWE Bristol final year illustrators have been invited to exhibit by Dave Bain, Curator at the Tobacco Factory. An illustrator himself, Dave said, “Each year the illustration course has impressed with an exhibition showcasing their degree work and this year, it's no exception. The carefully thought out theme, opening night and high quality of content has been a customer favourite this month.”

Catch the final few days of this month long exhibition, ends this Saturday 2 March 2014.

To view images of the students 'work for 'Hot & Cold' please visit the UWE Bristol News Flickr pages and to find out more about studying at UWE Bristol see: Illustration.

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