International historian speaks on women and slavery

Issue date: 10 October 2013

Professor Bernard Moitt

'Women, Slavery and Resistance in the Caribbean'

Thursday 17 October, 18:00-19:30, MShed Bristol, free to all.

UWE Bristol and the Neil Edmunds Memorial Fund are proud to present a lecture by Professor Bernard Moitt from the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), hosted by the MShed.

Professor Moitt is an internationally recognised scholar, who has published and spoken widely on Caribbean and African history, and conducted pioneering work on the subject of women and slavery. An Antiguan by birth, Professor Moitt is flying out from Virginia especially for the occasion. A dynamic speaker, Professor Moitt is held in high regard by the UWE students whom he taught over the years as part of the UWE/VCU partnership scheme, both at the University, and in Barbados, where he runs a highly successful summer school on the history and culture of the island.

Dr Madge Dresser, Associate Professor in History at UWE, commented, “The history of Atlantic slavery is a subject with special resonance for Bristol. But it's not all about Bristol and Liverpool slave traders, or antislavery campaigners like Clarkson and Wilberforce. There is a whole body of new research dealing with how slavery operated in the Caribbean, how enslaved Africans survived it and the strategies they employed to resist their exploitation. Too often, the experience of enslaved women in the Caribbean has been overlooked. Professor Moitt's talk will readdress that.”

The event, which will coincide with Black History Month, is the inaugural lecture in a series of international history talks sponsored by UWE and the Neil Edmunds Fund.

For more information on the event please visit the UWE events page or contact Dr Madge Dresser directly.

Editors Notes

Neil Edmunds was a senior lecturer in History at UWE. He suddenly and tragically passed away in 2008. The Neil Edmunds Fund was set up by his parents in the same year, to honour and preserve his memory.

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