UWE teams up with Education through Expeditions to bring University fieldwork to school classrooms

Issue date: 08 October 2013

UWE Bristol has recently embarked upon an innovative new project in partnership with Education through Expeditions (ETE), enabling students to share their experiences of geography and science fieldwork with local schools. An office coordinating the new partnership has just opened on UWE's Frenchay campus.

UWE and ETE are launching the new link with an event on Thursday 24 October. The launch will demonstrate the ETE Teachers web platform and all the partnership has to offer such as activity days for local primary and secondary schools.

The partnership will enable students from UWE to share their subject knowledge and experiences of fieldwork with local schools, and benefit from a range of volunteering and personal development opportunities.

ETE aims to inspire young people about the world around them, pioneer the way in which environmental education is delivered in the classroom, and provide unique personal and professional development opportunities to higher education students.

UWE has worked with ETE since 2011, when it awarded polar explorer Antony Jinman, ETE's Founder and CEO, an Honorary Doctorate of Education.

The ETE Teachers web platform uses learning resources developed in partnership with students on fieldwork and research expeditions to places such as Iceland and Kenya. The platform uses videos, blogs and an interactive discussion forum so that children can ask students questions in real time while they are overseas. This is aimed at helping engage pupils in schools with their geography and science courses in new ways, and inspire them to pursue these subjects in higher education.

The new programme of partnership activities for the 2013-2014 academic year allows UWE students from courses such as Geography and Environmental Management to communicate their knowledge and fieldwork experiences to a large number of local schools, which will receive a free year's membership to the ETE Teachers web platform. In addition, the ETE Ambassador team will also deliver a number of Polar Fun Day workshops for local schools to educate and inspire them about the Polar Regions of our world.

Antony Jinman said, “We are thrilled to be growing and developing our work in partnership with UWE. This is a University that shares ETE's values and passion for inspiring young people in a range of different ways. This continued partnership will enable us to work with a large number of Bristol schools, and ultimately therefore improve the positive impact we are having in classrooms across the UK.”

UWE students will also have the opportunity to participate in the ETE Leadership Award, planning and completing two weekend expeditions alongside Antony and the ETE Team, and learning a range of skills which can be transferred to the workplace or future study.

UWE Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve West said, “We are proud to be working with ETE and supporting them in their valuable work raising aspirations of local school children while also enhancing our students' learning experience and employability through the creation of a wide range of volunteering opportunities and the ETE Leadership Award.”

School memberships to the ETE Teachers web platform will run for the full academic year. During this time, children will not only be able to engage with UWE students on fieldwork, but also follow Antony Jinman as he journeys alone to the Geographic South Pole, asking him questions along the way to enhance their knowledge of the Antarctic region as well as the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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