UWE students at WOMAD record progress of RAW4 eco buildings

Issue date: 26 July 2013

A group of five architecture students from the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) are spending the next 10 days at WOMAD Festival in Wiltshire, where they will record the progress of four incredible structures as they emerge from the grassy fields at Charlton Park.

For the past four years RAW4 has gathered together groups of sustainable building enthusiasts and experts to create wild and wonderful yet functional structures to enhance the experience of the WOMAD audience.

The students include a film maker, a painter, a photographer, a pod caster and a press officer who record using different media the fascinating progress as the buildings emerge from nothing.

UWE lecturer Elena Marco enthused, “This is an amazing opportunity for the students to document buildings that are created outside any of the architectural norms they would ordinarily encounter during their course work. It is a chance to meet and work alongside some of the most creative people in the eco or sustainable building community.”

The students taking part are Suzy Crabtree, Sara Neuberg, Jonathan Jones, Danny Courtney, Andrew Peters and Stalo Pitta.

Suzy Crabtree said "WOMAD has been a great experience in terms of practical building experience meeting like minded and creative people. It also has helped me gain a better understanding or the different organisations involved and what they do."

Sara Neuberg said “It's been a really educational and inspirational experience so far. It's been fantastic getting involved with humanitarian architecture groups."

Jonathan Jones said “I originally decided to get involved with the documenting team as I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet like-minded people; both in the documenting team and within the organisations involved with Roots Architecture.

“I have had little experience with events like RAW#4 however my time has certainly been eye opening, observing team interaction over design, materiality and construction has given me a new perspective on collaboration within the built environment. "

Danny Courtney said "I couldn't pass up this great opportunity to sit in the sunshine sketching the imaginative structures that would be going up around me. I was a chance for me to see how this type of voluntary scheme works and to get involved in spreading the word about Roots Architecture at WOMAD."

Stalo Pitta said "After four years of education I felt that an opportunity to experience the entire process of collaborative creation from early discussions to design, construction and eventually inhabitation would be valuable.

“Getting involved in documenting RAW gave me the opportunity to both observe and participate in this shared learning process which addresses current social and environmental matters. My expectation from this experience is to apply the skills I have been developing during my studies while contributing and be part of something that can have real impact."

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