'Listen to the sun'

Issue date: 17 April 2013

A graduate designer from UWE Bristol has turned raw technical data from the sun and wind into a sonic and physical 'solar wind chime' to be shown for the first time at an event in Bristol on Thursday 18 April at the Watershed.

Helen White graduated with a First Class degree in Design: material/process/context in 2012. During her recent residency at the Pervasive Media Studio she became fascinated by solar flares and their effects on the northern lights and their potential to create technological disruption. Helen has been exploring creative ways to respond to this natural phenomena.

At the event on 18 April, Helen will share her discoveries and ideas about working with complicated scientific principles and turning data sources into artistic work. There will be a chance to see the prototype in action and to 'listen in' to the sun. She uses a number of artistic pathways on the way to producing her prototype work.

There will also be an expert panel at the event, with one of the founders of PocketSpacecraft.com, Michael Johnson and quantum chemist David Glowacki from danceroom Spectroscopy. There will be an opportunity for a lively discussion about citizen science and the meeting of creativity, technology and audience in science communication projects.

Helen has been in residence in the Pervasive Media Studio since January on a graduate and new talent residency, supported by IOP Publishing.

In 2012, as part of a collaborative team BristolStudio BS5, Helen was shortlisted in 2012 for the final stages of an international competition to design a monument to freedom and unity for the City of Leipzig in Germany. She was also selected to be an artist in residence for the Create Centre as part of Bristol Big Green Week 2012.

To view more of Helen's work click here.

For more background on Helen visit her collaborator page on the Pervasive Media Studio website.

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