Richard Noble gives Bloodhound SSC Annual Lecture 2013 at UWE

Issue date: 11 March 2013

BLOODHOUND SSC Annual Lecture 2013

Date:20 March 2013
Venue: Frenchay Campus, UWE Bristol
Time: 18:00

BLOODHOUND SSC is well into its build phase, according to project director Richard Noble OBE. The Bloodhound SSC Annual Lecture 2013, taking place at UWE Bristol on 20 March, will highlight the building and testing of the supersonic car.

The aim of the Bristol-based project is to break the current land speed record and reach speeds of up to 1000 mph.

Richard said, “Progress is excellent, with the rear lower chassis currently being assembled in our Bristol workshops.

“The carbon composite monocoque, or single shell chassis, has been manufactured by URT Group in Bognor Regis and is being machined ready to be joined to the rear chassis.”

Product Design students from UWE helped to design the ergonomics for the cockpit which will carry driver Andy Green. Their work has helped Andy find the optimum driving position and layout for the controls. Assembly of the car will continue for much of 2013. UK runway testing up to 200 mph is scheduled for November, and the team will then head to South Africa in December to start high speed trials.

The 6 tonne car - 7.5 tonnes with fuel - will have to survive acceleration and deceleration loads of up to three times the force of gravity. It will run on a dry lakebed track in South Africa, where it will aim to break the current land speed record, held by Andy, of 763.035 mph.

UWE is a founder sponsor of BLOODHOUND SSC, and is leading university level engagement in the project, developing materials and case studies for use by partner universities. The BLOODHOUND team is making all the data generated available for use in education.

Dr John Lanham, who leads the project for UWE said, “One of the key objectives of Bloodhound SSC is to raise interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects amongst young people to meet future skills shortages in the UK economy.

“The project is using the technical challenges of designing, building and running a car that will raise the world land speed record to over 1,000mph or Mach 1.4, to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists and mathematicians.”

Richard Noble was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Technology by UWE in 2010 in recognition of the alignment between the aims and objectives of the Bloodhound Project to inspire and motivate and UWE's vision to do likewise. He is also a Visiting Professor in UWE's Faculty of Environment and Technology.

For the full story and pictures on the building of the chassis please click here.

The lecture is one of the events being held at UWE to mark National Science and Engineering Week 2013. For a full list of upcoming events please visit the events home page.

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