UWE Bristol included in University Alliance report 'Growing Global Graduates'

Issue date: 04 March 2013

UWE Bristol's Graduate internship scheme has been highlighted in a University Alliance (UA) Report, 'Growing Global Graduates', published today showing how UA member universities are the destination of choice for international students whose priority is getting a good job.

International students whose main motivation is getting a good job are more likely to choose to study at Alliance universities, 24 of the UK's most innovative and enterprising universities. The report found that 87% of international students studying at Alliance universities are studying because they want to get a good job. This is compared to an average of 83%, at UK Universities overall, and in higher education globally.

'Growing Global Graduates' brings together 24 best-practice examples from Alliance universities which demonstrate why they are so effective at equipping students for long-term employability and why students are choosing to study at them.

Libby Hackett, Chief Executive of University Alliance, said, “Graduate careers are under the spotlight like never before. Students want to ensure their degree and time at university will help set them up for a rewarding and fulfilling career in a rapidly changing world.

“Students recognise the value of higher education in improving their employability and the data suggest that Alliance universities attract students particularly focused on their future careers.”

UWE Bristol Vice Chancellor and Chair of University Alliance, Professor Steve West, said, “At UWE Bristol we are committed to supporting our students by creating valuable work experience through our leading Graduate Internship Scheme, industry placements, volunteering opportunities and connected learning via live projects with partner organisations. It is a key aim to ensure that students leave UWE Bristol equipped with a good degree supported by relevant workplace skills that will enable them to secure useful and satisfying employment when they graduate.

“The University has a global reach with students from over 140 countries worldwide attracted to the courses we offer, and the fantastic city of Bristol. We have also developed a range of programmes in partnership with Universities in Asia, Africa, US and Europe. We aspire to giving all of our students a truly global experience through placements overseas and through interaction with international students.”

To read the report in full, click here.

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