Approval for Sainsbury's at Memorial means UWE Stadium will be built

Issue date: 17 January 2013

Last night majority approval of 6 votes to 3 was given at City Hall at a meeting to discuss plans to build a Sainsbury's supermarket on the site of the current Memorial ground, the home of Bristol Rovers. The deal now gives Bristol Rovers the funding to build the stadium.

The approval means that, subject to Secretary of State sign off, the work will begin on the new UWE Stadium this summer.

UWE Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steve West, says, “Last night's decision is a very significant marker in the progress of this important project that will see UWE Bristol become one of two Universities in the UK with a Stadium on campus. The benefits to our students and the local community will be immeasurable as the stadium will mean access to excellent sporting and community facilities.

"This has been a long process and we have worked very closely with Bristol Rovers and Sainsbury's to ensure that the plans have been both consultative and coordinated. It's fantastic news for Bristol Rovers and for Bristol in general. I am absolutely delighted that the UWE Stadium looks to be going ahead.”

Full details of the UWE Stadium here

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