Unique fusion of art and science makes its London premiere

Issue date: 25 October 2012

See link to video - https://vimeo.com/48764930

An exciting fusion of real-time supercomputing, interactive quantum dynamics, generative music and dance will make its London premier over the weekend of November 3 and 4 at the Barbican Arts Centre.

Meet danceroom Spectroscopy (dS), part interactive art installation, part immersive science experience, part large-scale video game, part dance performance, and part musical instrument.

Dr Thomas Mitchell, Senior Lecturer from UWE Bristol (University of the West of England), has been turning computational simulations of atomic dynamics into live interactive musical soundscapes.

By combining 3D cameras and bespoke software, dS uses rigorous physics to create sounds and images from people's movements. In real-time, the 3D cameras feed their data to a custom-built supercomputer, where people are interpreted as energy fields. As 'energy fields', people's motion warps the particle dynamics of up to 10,000 simulated atoms. The simulation is analysed in real-time and the resulting data is used to generate a live composition that reflects the movements of the atoms as they interact with participants and with each other. The net result is an immersive audiovisual experience where people are able to see and hear how their energy fields interact with the invisible nano-world.

Tom Mitchell is working with an interdisciplinary team including chemical physicist and project lead Dr David Glowacki from the University of Bristol, composer Professor Joseph Hyde from Bath Spa University, digital artist Phill Tew (Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol), choreographer Laura Kriefmann (Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol), and five professional dancers. Together, they have developed Hidden Fields, the world's first ever dance performance that attempts to 'choreograph' atomic dynamics.

dS will run over 3 and 4 November on the ClubStage at the Barbican Arts Centre in London. Three 30-minute performances of Hidden Fields will take place each day. Admission is free.

For more information, visit www.danceroom-spec.com and www.barbican.org.uk/weekender/home

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