UWE graduate launches biography of the 'best president Nigeria never had'

Issue date: 01 October 2012

Recent graduate Adedara Oduguwa is launching his book, Chief Obafemi Awolowo: The Political Moses, on 1 October (today) at UWE Bristol.

Adedara has just been awarded an MSc in International Human Resource Management from UWE's Bristol Business School. He says the skills in critical analysis he honed during the course enabled him to transform his original manuscript on the Nigerian intellectual and politician into a published work.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo (1909-1987) was a Nigerian nationalist, a political leader, and a principal participant in the struggle for Nigerian independence. Adedara says, “The book reminds us of an illuminator, transformer, intellectual with a decent sense of humour, and philosopher; who more than any other believed in action rather than speech, results than promises and dedicated the entirety of his life to serve his fatherland and now, twenty-five years after his death remains the most celebrated Nigerian that ever lived.

“Even one of his contemporaries at the time attested 'Awo is the best president Nigeria never had.'”

According to the publishers, Chief Obafemi Awolowo: The Political Moses is a story of a man who dedicated the entirety of his life to serve humanity. It depicts the journey of an activist who fought alongside others to gain independence for his people. The book investigates the political unrest of 1962, the party system and political parties in Nigeria, and makes recommendations for Nigeria electoral processes.

Adedara chose to study at UWE because he found it an attractive University and it was recommended to him by a friend. The elements of his course he particularly enjoyed include strategic analysis, global standards, international resourcing and talent management, and he is now planning to do a PhD.

He continued, “This is not my first book, but is the first one that has been published, and I attribute this success to UWE and to the scholarship I received.”


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