Green and Healthy Routes to School

Issue date: 16 August 2012

ISHE members Rose Bailey, Tom Chambers and Natalie Selwood participated in Bristol's Festival of Nature schools day on 15th June, part of Bristol's 'Big Green Week'.

The ISHE activity 'Green and Healthy Routes to School' engaged 150 year 4 pupils from various Bristol primary schools, encouraging them to think about how their travel choices and local area affected their health and the environment. After a group discussion and example images, they wrote words and drew pictures on colourful sticky notes, identifying features of their journey that were positive, green, healthy, and made them happy, or had negative environmental and health consequences. These were placed on maps of their school and local area.

The pupils identified a range of positive and negative influences: most popular were the use of scooters as a mode of travel and the associated fitness and social benefits of this, and the negative effect of travelling by car, particularly air pollution, congestion, road safety and stress. The pupils, and festival goers over the weekend, were also asked to add leaves to the ISHE 'tree' with their ideas for a better future.

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