UWE Bristol's largest ever Creative Industries Degree Show 2012

Issue date: 30 May 2012

Over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students will present their work at this year's Creative Industries Degree Show at the Bower Ashton Campus of UWE Bristol from Saturday 9 June to Thursday 14 June*. The Show takes place at Bower Ashton Campus near Ashton Court, Spike Island Studios, and BV Studios in Windmill Hill. Admission is free.

The Show is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the work of the next generation creative professionals who will be working in a wide range of industries as illustrators, graphic designers, animators, photographers, filmmakers, fine artists, printmakers, journalists and fashion designers.

For the first time this year, the Degree Show will also accommodate an Open Day for young people who are considering studying art, design and media. As well as viewing the exhibitions, the Open Day will allow would-be students to meet current students, graduates and staff on Saturday 9 June, 10:00 – 18:00.

Dr Angela Partington, Head of Creative Industries, UWE Bristol, says, “This year's Degree Show is our largest ever, and we are very proud to début this year's talented artists, designers, makers and practitioners to Bristol and beyond. It's been a brilliant year for our final year students, with many of them receiving recognition and awards nationally and internationally.”

Among the students showing their work this year is Charlotte Harman (BA Hons Illustration and Animation) who started out studying Illustration, then transferred to Animation because she found she enjoyed making and bringing her visual ideas to life through moving image techniques.

Charlotte says, “This year I made the stop motion animation 'Neebles'. Neebles was inspired by 'Trap Door', one of my favourite TV programmes as a child. Trap Door was made using plasticine, but I wanted to create something different so I decided to use the technique of needle felting to cover and make my puppets: the Neebles. I used brightly coloured wools to give the same impact as plasticine but with a refreshing edge. 'Neebles' is about a group of creatures going about there everyday business when a grey cloud comes along and steals their colours. The tagline is 'Never let a grey cloud ruin your day'.”

Fellow Animation student Tav Flett has been working as a compositing artist on Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' whilst completing his final year studies. He has been developing his skills this year in a range of CG digital and computer software. Click here to view the work of Tav and other animation students.

Illustration student David Biskup's graphic novel 'Yuri' is about a fictional Eastern European pop sensation 'Yuri Valentin,' and his treacherous journey to play his first concert in Moynaq, a town on the fast-disappearing Aral Sea. 'Yuri' was chosen as a finalist in the 'Ligatura Pitching' competition set up by Centrala Press in Poznan, Poland and was also 'Highly Commended' in the MacMillan Children's Book Competition.

David says, “Narrative and characters play a hugely important role in my work. I would say that, while still largely falling under the bracket of 'illustration,' my work is mostly about wanting to tell simple stories in a fun and visually exciting way. I hope that my work has a certain sense of humour and whimsy about it, but that's very much for others to judge!”

Another Illustration student showing work is Sami Al-Adawy. Sami says, “My main focus is children's picture book illustration and editorial work. I enjoy working with a playful and bright colour palette, mixed with heavy paint based textures and bold graphic elements. I have been 'Highly Commended' by the Pan Macmillan Children's Award 2012 for both books I entered - 'Ice Heist' and 'The Great Cuniculus', to be exhibited in the Foyles Gallery in London. My design was also chosen for the 'Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 5' book cover competition, which will be published this summer and sold internationally.

Graphic Design students whose work is on show include Rebecca Penmore, one of 17 students who received awards for work submitted to the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD). Rebecca Penmore was one of only two students in the UK to receive an ISTD Commendation for her work, and five other students were awarded a Merit out of only 11 in the UK. Graphic Design at UWE Bristol is once again the highest performing across the UK, Ireland, France, Greece and Spain. Three students, Rebecca Penmore, Luke Smith and Grace Watling have also been short-listed forThe RSA Student Design Awards out of only eight short-listed across the UK. Amongst many other graphic design students exhibiting work are Sam Stefan (both digital and screen work) and Louise Iddon.

Photography student Mary Roe, is the winner of the Black Swan Arts prize 2012. Mary switched from studying architecture to photography after she realised she wanted to develop her interest in buildings through the creative possibilities of photography. She says,“My work tends to focus on empty and abandoned spaces that have an eerie atmosphere but with a strange beauty that draws the viewer in. My work has changed over the last year because I've started to shoot on colour film, whereas previously I always used black and white.”

BA Design (Process, Material, Context) students exhibiting their work include Tristan Ostrowski, who won the Clarke Willmott Young Artist of the Year Award in 2011 for his interactive piece, an investigation into sensory perception.

Many UWE Bristol Creative Industries students go on to further study in a wide range of subjects. Fine Arts student, Catherine Smiles has been offered a place on the MFA in Art Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London. Catherine says, “A multidisciplinary approach to art is important, so students are able to explore the whole scope of available careers in the arts. I was always encouraged to develop my writing, and my own wider interests outside of Fine Art. This year, the Better Together programme has enabled us to discuss our work with a range of practitioners, such as designers, curators, and writers.”

Another student, Gordon Bon has been offered a place on the MA in Arts Policy and

Management at Birkbeck, University of London. Gordon says, “UWE's support and encouragement of external exhibitions and activities (such as seeking project funding) has meant that I have been able to develop a range of skills additional to those that are formally taught, putting me in a strong position for postgraduate study.”

The work of UWE Postgraduate students is also on show. MA student Sarah Barnes, whose work involves laser cutting architectural forms, is working with local groups to propose a better use of the underpass near 'Create', and John Lynch, who creates mixed media prints, has set up his own business with help from UWE.


Editor's notes:

*Creative Industries Degree Show 2012

Opening times:

Saturday 09 June: 10:00 -18:00 - Open Doors Open Day

Sunday 10 June: 10:00 -16:00

Monday 11 - Thursday 14 June: 10:00-20:00

The Creative Industries Degree Show takes place at sites across south Bristol: Bower Ashton Campus near Ashton Court, Spike Island, BV Studios in Windmill Hill.

At the Bower Ashton Campus, BA(Hons) programmes on exhibition include: Animation; Drawing and Applied Arts; Design: Process, Material & Context [D3]; Fashion; Graphic Design; Illustration; Media Practice; and Photography, as well as MA courses in Art, Media, Design by Project; Graphic Arts; Media; and Multidisciplinary Printmaking.

Spike Island is home to UWE Fine Arts: the BA(Hons) graduates showcase their work in the studio, and MA graduates exhibit at BV Studios in nearby Windmill Hill.

For details of the recent UWE Fashion Show see - http://info.uwe.ac.uk/news/UWENews/news.aspx?id=2269

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