National Employee Savings Trust (NEST): Who gains, who loses?

Issue date: 26 March 2012

National Employee Savings Trust (NEST): Who gains, who loses? was the topical subject of a recent one day event at UWE Bristol exploring the impact of the National Employee Savings Trust initiative to be introduced in 2012.

The conference hosted by the Centre for Global Finance was attended by pension providers, pension advisors, business consultants, accountants, academics and policy makers.

Event organiser, Professor Jon Tucker said, β€œIt is difficult to predict how NEST will impact on businesses, their employees, pension providers and advisors. This conference brought together a range of experts from government, academia and the financial sector to throw some light on how NEST is likely to affect stakeholders. In particular, the workshop gave insight into the perspectives of the government on pensions in general and the role that NEST is intended to play, the mechanics of the scheme by one of its architects and the options open to those businesses most affected, the SME sector.”

Steve Webb MP, Minister for Pensions gave a government perspective on automatic enrolment.

Other speakers included:

Paul Cox, Academic Advisor to NEST, University of Birmingham presented an overview of the NEST initiative.

Professor Jon Tucker and Ufuk Ismail Misirlioglu, Centre for Global Finance gave an insight into – The impact of pensions on companies

Paul J Davies, Financial Services Strategy Consultant and Independent Pensions Trustee, Augmentor UK spoke about The impact of pensions on employees: 'NEST: What next?'

There was also a breakout session to discuss the impacts on SMEs and The Opt-out decision followed by a panel discussion.

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