UWE and Environmental iNet launch green internship scheme

Issue date: 19 March 2012

The Environmental iNet and UWE have just launched a new initiative providing environmental businesses with £1,000 of funding toward the temporary recruitment of an undergraduate.

Lasting for 8 weeks (if full-time) participating employers can contribute a minimum of £800 - just £20 per day. The scheme is open to environmental businesses and covers vacancies relating to various disciplines from marketing, graphic design and HR, to environmental management, engineering and the sciences.

Eight week internships can commence anytime after 14th May and conclude anytime before 14th September 2012. There is more flexibility with regard to the part-time option. The recruitment process can begin immediately. For further information, please contact the iNet team.

T: 0117 32 86711 or E: environmental@inets-sw.co.uk

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