Extreme wave art on show at RWA Bristol

Issue date: 27 February 2012

Extreme wave RWA exhibition

Dramatic artworks showing storms, extreme waves and unstable weather patterns are currently on show at a new exhibition, Extremes and Instabilities, at the Bristol Royal West of England Academy.

Artist Janette Kerr, who is a visiting research fellow at UWE Bristol and President of the RWA, is inspired by the seas and weather around the Shetland Isles.

Janette said, “As well as my latest Shetland works, I will be showing some small works on paper which reference oceanography using equations provided by Harald Krogstad of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Trondheim, and other imagery I collected when visiting the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Bergen.

“These works play with the idea of mapping or fixing the uncontrollable by combining some of these elements, along with photographic imagery of equipment and tables of bottom water observations, with paint, pastels and graphite.

“I've also been looking at some beautiful early 1900's hand-drawn maps which show the cyclonic circulation system of the northern Norwegian Sea, shown here juxtaposed with some recently made large paintings on canvas of the sea.

“My aim is to develop further dialogue between oceanographers and meteorologists and my work. I want to make a series of large drawings that respond to this oceanographic world and language, and have begun to explore ways in which to incorporate diagrams, mathematical formulae and calculations of wave theory and ocean motion, historical and contemporary instruments and equipment and satellite imagery.”

Janette is the fourth female President to have been elected at the RWA – the previous three were Dame Janet Stancombe Wills (1911-32), Yda Richardson (1932-36) and Mary Fedden OBE RA (1984-89). For more information on her work visit www.janettekerr.co.uk and http://extremewavetheory.blogspot.com

The Extremes and Instabilities exhibition at the RWA is open until 4 March, Monday to Saturday from 9:30 – 17:30 and Sunday from 12:00 – 17:30, price £5/£3, FREE to UWE Bristol and Filton College students, under 16s and friends.

For more information on the exhibition visit http://www.rwa.org.uk/

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