International recognition for UWE Graphic Design students

Issue date: 16 February 2011

BA Graphic Design students from the University of the West of England have had their work recognised as being 'of a consistently high standard' by FontStruct – the online type design tool, sponsored by the world's leading retailer of digital type, FontShop.

Level 1 students on the 'Communicating with Words' module have had their work featured on the FontStruct website, alongside an interview with Graphic Design staff.

FontStruct is a public space where users can discuss and comment on each other's work. This is an important element of the module, as it means that students can engage with other designers from around the world to discuss their work.

Gabriel Solomons, Graphic Design lecturer, said: “There is a real sense of achievement gained by using the programme and a boost to the students' self confidence, especially when feedback is positive from the FontStruct community. There is often real surprise from them upon completion of the initial 6 week project – the fact that they have all created a new working typeface from scratch in such a short time and that other designers are genuinely interested in and enthusiastic about their work.”

Read the full interview and view examples of the students' work on the FontStruct website

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