Universities and businesses must work together to shape tomorrow's workforce

Issue date: 31 May 2011

This is the key message of a lecture given by Nick Wilson, (Managing Director, Hewlett Packard UK and Ireland) at the University of the West of England on Wednesday 1 June at 18.00.

Nick Wilson, who leads the UK and Ireland operations of the world’s largest technology company, says that partnerships between universities and businesses are essential in delivering skilled innovators who can quickly make a contribution into the UK workforce.

The overall aim of the collaboration between HP and UWE is to produce 'industry-ready' graduates who have the skills to make the leap from academia to business.  

In his lecture Nick Wilson, will focus on the role businesses must play in providing tomorrow’s workforce with an understanding of the importance of innovation.  He says, “We need to pioneer new ways in which business and education can collaborate.  These partnerships can drive new ways of embracing the use of technology amongst today’s students so that they can quickly make a valuable contribution to the workplace.   This is not only an economic imperative, but also an opportunity for Britain to take advantage of exciting and radical changes in science and technology that will affect all industries.

“In a changing working world we need to foster creativity and vision from a young age. Technology is fundamentally a core part of this, but our challenge is to teach our young people to define and produce it, rather than just consume it. The partnership between HP and UWE reflects a fantastic acknowledgement of this and through structured engagements and an attitude of collaboration between our two organisations.  These sorts of relationships help us bring skilled innovators who can quickly make a contribution into the UK workforce and inspire them to greatness.”   

The collaboration between UWE and HP is one of the most innovative of its kind, and has been welcomed by leading business figures.

Susan Anderson, CBI Director of Education & Skills, says, “The University of the West of England HP Enterprise Computing Degree is a great example of business and university collaboration. The course which involves integrated internships means that students become certified professionals as well as gaining valuable degrees. And most importantly HP’s involvement in the course means that graduates come out with skills that are relevant and important to business.”

UWE’s Education Innovation Centre supported by HP and other partners, also launches on 1 June.

UWE and HP have also entered into an innovative five year collaboration that will see the creation of a new four year programme of study, internships for students and a state of the art Education Innovation Centre at UWE.

In addition the collaboration will enable UWE to link to HP’s alliance partners, such as Microsoft, Polycom, Schneider Electric and Juniper, enabling further scope for collaboration and the possibility of valuable student internships. 

HP has also been appointed as the University's strategic ICT partner to help develop a program of ICT transformation.  This will give UWE students across all subjects a head start in the jobs market through their knowledge of the latest technology developments and their experience in using it.


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