UWE filmmakers help build bridges with Jordanian students

Issue date: 18 April 2011

The University of the West of England is hosting a day of film-making for young people from Jordan as part of the Young Bridge Builders programme. The visitors are in Bristol from 18-20 April 2011 as part of a wider ten day-trip to Britain organised by the UK charity Bridges for Communities which aims to promote understanding between different cultures.

This year's programme builds on the success of a similar initiative last year and the idea for a film-making day came from Dan Green, Bridges Director and David Neal, Senior Technical Instructor at UWE.

David said, “We are welcoming the group of Jordanian students to our Bower Ashton campus on 20 April and plan to write, shoot and edit a short film using the excellent media facilities here.”

The young visitors started their trip to the UK on 14 April and first spent several days in the Nottingham area. While in Bristol they are visiting the City Centre and Museum, the Suspension Bridge and Harbour and are staying with Bristol families. As part of their ten days in the UK they will also visit a church and a mosque, the House of Commons, community projects, and hear from leaders in different fields.

Dan Green from the charity said, “We believe that this experience will have a lasting impact on the lives of the young people involved and their communities in Jordan and the UK. The relationships that begin during the programme will change people's perceptions and worldviews for good. This can be a real catalyst for personal and spiritual growth on both sides.”

For more information on film-making courses at UWE visit: film-making

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