UWE welcomes Chinese delegation

Issue date: 23 November 2010

The University of the West of England will welcome a 25 person delegation from China on 24 November [2010] on a fact finding mission to find out about the UK's expertise on 'Environment and Healthy Lifestyle'.

The visit is part of UK-China 400, an exchange programme for young leaders, set up under the previous government by the FCO and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This visit is being organised by the British Council and UWE is one of only two universities in the UK being visited as part of this current mission. The Chinese visitors are associated with the All-China Young Federation (ACYF), an influential organization that includes young leaders and decision-makers at the provincial, municipal, and county government level. The current Chinese President Hu Jintao was the head of ACYF in the 1980s.

The delegation will see a series of presentations by UWE academics on areas such as UK national Public health Policy, Environmental Management at UWE, Environment and Business Management and water pollution. The aim is go give an insight into the way many of these issues have been handled in the UK and to see the range of research and expertise that the University is able to offer in these specialist areas.

Dr Jianxiang Bi, a lecturer at UWE who organised the event, says, “China currently has some major environmental and health issues that require national programmes and solutions. Water and air quality are now emerging as areas where legislation and action are needed and China is looking for models of how to approach these issues. UWE has several key areas of research and expertise, which we can share with the young Chinese leaders to enable to take these areas forward in their own country. In addition, with around 600 million smokers, China is also keen to find out how to tackle public health issues such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, which are beginning to emerge as problems for the health system. Researchers at UWE will share their expertise of public health policy and the way that the UK has tackled these issues through public health and education programmes.”

UWE carries out research in key areas such as Air Quality, Sustainability, Water Pollution, Public Health and Environment. The Air Quality Management Resource Centre www.uwe.ac.uk/aqm, covers both the policy and air quality issues. The Institute for Sustainability Health and Environment (ISHE: www.uwe.ac.uk/ishe/) provides a cross-disciplinary approach to research and knowledge exchange, bringing together wide-ranging expertise in areas such as healthy urban planning, public health and well-being, low-carbon technologies, and organisational and behavioural change. This reflects an increasing need for collaboration across academic disciplines and for the formation of creative partnerships between universities and practitioners to develop innovative and holistic solutions to the major challenges facing people and planet.

UWE also offers specialised programmes in environment law and environment business management focusing on both Asia and the EU. The Asia Research Unit (ARU) is a key focal point within the University for research across a spectrum of areas, one of which is policy studies on the environment and the law. The expertise of its membership covers the areas of China, India, South Korea and Japan with extensive links to UK businesses and leading academic institutions both in the UK and in Asia.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor John Rushforth will welcome the delegation. He said, “We are honoured and delighted to welcome these visitors to UWE. Several of our students have already taken part in this exchange, and have benefited from a greater understanding of environmental and other issues that China faces. We hope that this visit will benefit these young Chinese leaders and lead to further links with China and enhance our existing relationships.”

The delegation will be led by Mr Zhu Hongwu, Vice President of Hainan Provincial Youth Federation and the coordinator is Mr Xu Chuan, Programme Officer, China Youth Centre for International Exchanges.

The delegates will visit the Frenchay Campus of UWE, Bristol on Wednesday 24 November from 11:00 – 14:00. They will attend a series of presentations, have a working lunch and visit the new Architecture and Planning Studio extension.


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