Unique exhibition challenges artists

Issue date: 04 August 2010

3D print 'Voxillated Fox' by Brendan Reid' A unique exhibition starting in Edinburgh on 11 September will challenge artists to create work in both 2D and 3D, drawing on the same source material and using the latest print technology.

In '3D2D: Object and Illusion in Print' artists will use digital software and hardware in a creative way to produce works of art that can be 'printed' in both 2D and 3D.

The latest print technology uses the technique of 'rapid prototyping' where a 3D object is built up in layers using specialised print technology from a digital file. The object can be designed by an artist on a computer and the latest technology is able to turn the digital file into a 3D object. This enables complex shapes to be created (for example, a sphere within a sphere), which are impossible to make though traditional methods. The Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) at the University of the West of England carries out specialised research into this area.

This unique exhibition is asking artists to create both 2D prints and 3D printed objects from the same digital file, as a way of exploring the possibilities of the new technology.

Paul Thirkell, (Senior Research Fellow, CFPR), who is curating the exhibition explains,“In recent years new digital techniques for printing have enhanced the printmakers' palette, creating a wider range of techniques and possibilities for creating new work. So far most of this output has been 2D, but new 3D techniques are now gradually coming in reach of the fine artists.

“To explore this new transition, a selection of artists currently working in the field have been asked to produce printed images and related printed objects that reveal new insights into image and object making through print. For the exhibition each artist will produce both a 2D (digital print) and a 3D printed object that in some way sets up a relationship or an interaction between the two dimensions. This will push the artists to interact with and explore the new technology, and it will be fascinating to see what is produced.”

Part 1 of the exhibition will be held at Edinburgh Printmakers Gallery from 11 September to 30 October 2010 and will feature the work of Jeremy Gardiner, Katie Davies and Peter Walters, Connor Wilson, Brendan Reid, Paul Laidler and Paul Thirkell. The new 2D3D works from these artists will be shown along with a selection of older prints that have been created at the Centre for Fine Print Research throughout its 11 year existence. These include works by Richard Hamilton, Charlotte Hodes and Lesley Dill.

Part 2 of the exhibition will be shown at the Norske Grafikere, Oslo, Norway from 8 to 30 January 2011 and continue the 2D3D theme featuring the work of Jeremy Gardiner, Katie Davies and Peter Walters, Connor Wilson, Brendan Reid, Paul Laidler and Paul Thirkell along with further 2D3D explorations from Stephen Hoskins, Justin Marshall, Katie Bunnell and Tavs Jorgensen.


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