UWE Dream Doctor's book helps you to interpret your dreams

Issue date: 19 July 2010

Dr Jennifer Parker New book launched on Monday 26 July 2010

'Dreams and Nightmares: A guide to interpreting what your mind is trying to tell you while your body sleeps' Dr Jennifer Parker – University of the West of England

What do you dream about? Do owls, butterflies, wolves or dolphins feature? Do you dream about flying, looking fabulous or wearing new clothes? Maybe a sense of place or emotional elements feature strongly. But what does it all mean?

Did you know that dreaming about bears can transform your view about yourself or that a dream about a cat can bring hope after a severe setback?

Dr Jennifer Parker, a dreams researcher from the University of the West of England and recently appointed Yahoo Dream Doctor, has written a book to help you understand more about the meanings behind your dreams and nightmares.

'Dreams and Nightmares: A guide to interpreting what your mind is trying to tell you while your body sleeps' that will be published by Apple Press on Monday 26 July.

All of us dream and experience nightmares and common threads have been discovered by famous dream analysts like Freud and Jung that help to make a sense of the subject, setting, characters and emotions experienced when we dream.

The book helps unpick the complex academic analysis by sorting dreams and nightmares into 100 types using symbols. The symbols work for both dreams and nightmares and to help the reader with interpretation Dr Parker has divided the book in two sections. One side of the book is about Dreams and then the book flips over for the Nightmare analysis.

The dream and nightmare symbols include animals, place settings, emotions and important life events like marriage, birth and death and for each symbol the dream type is explained, followed by an insight into the interpretation according to the famous experts and tips on what the dreams could mean.

Dr Jennifer Parker explains: “This book is a journey into what people have told me they want. As a dream and nightmare researcher I get to engage with people's dreams as research objects. As a Dream Doctor I help people find meaning for their dreams. This book has allowed me the chance to give people an insight into the theories of the famous dream interpreters such as Freud, Jung, Hartman and Dwyer. But the book is more than an academic work as I translate the theories into a dream analysis guide that everyone can understand.

“'Dreams and Nightmares' provides an opportunity to explore in a new way the illusory world created by our minds every night. Ordinary dreaming and nightmares are usually treated separately, but the approach in this book is to treat dream life as a holistic psychological event; this is reflected in the two-sided structure, putting together the yin and yang of dream life, reinforcing the idea that they are two sides of the same phenomena."

Based on current, scientifically based yet accessible information, each half of the book mirrors the other, and each is divided into four sections. The first explores what dreams/nightmares are and why we have them; then we learn how to deal with our experience; the third section covers 100 dream/nightmare symbols, gathered under themed headings with explanations from Freud, Jung and new dream theorists. Finally, there is a review of the work of established dream writers to interpret common symbols and dream/nightmare symbols.”

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