Accident reconstruction gives students valuable insight

Issue date: 29 June 2010

Accident reconstruction at UWE The University of the West of England, South Gloucestershire Council and Avon Fire and Rescue service teamed up to give South Gloucestershire students a unique experience, when the social care conference they were attending was interrupted by an accident reconstruction.

The conference took place on Monday 28 June 2010 at the University of the West of England Event and Conference Centre. It was organised by South Gloucestershire Council to give over 120 students on BTEC social care courses a valuable insight into how families are supported by the health and social care sector.

The conference started with a keynote speech from George Painter of radio station Heart Fm, focusing on the role commercial radio plays within the community on care related issues. His talk was interrupted by a telephone call asking him to report on a motorway accident nearby, and he then asked the students to accompany him. Outside, the students watched an accident reconstruction involving a family staged by the South Gloucestershire Road Safety team and Avon Fire and Rescue Service.

After witnessing the crash reconstruction, the students then met professionals from across the health and social care sector, who advised on the care and support they could provide for the family involved in the mocked-up accident, who thankfully only received minor physical injuries but were traumatised. The students then completed an assignment based on the accident reconstruction which links directly into their BTEC programme.

Bev Green, Head of Partnerships at UWE, said, “The accident reconstruction is an excellent way of bringing studies to life for these BTEC students, we hoped they found it an inspiring experience and that it will give them a taste of the career opportunities open to them in the future.”

Watch Manager John Davies from Avon Fire and Rescue Service said: “We're delighted to have been invited to take part in this innovative event. Not only will it help the students with their studies, it also gives us an opportunity to highlight road safety messages to young people who are likely to become new drivers or thinking about learning to drive within a few years.”

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