UWE staff take part in Run for the Future

Issue date: 11 September 2009

Run for the Future Staff in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of the West of England are being encouraged to take part in the fourth Run for the Future taking place on Sunday 20 September in Bristol and organised by Rotary in Bristol and the Bristol Urological Institute.

The Faculty has underwritten the entry cost of each runner taking part from the University. UWE has for the past two years been on the receiving end of funds raised to support a vital research project that aims to develop a non invasive screening test for prostate cancer. So far in excess of £130,000 has been raised by the Bristol Rotary organised event that has supported a research project to develop a non invasive test to detect the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

Professor John Duffield, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, said, “We wanted to promote to everyone in the Faculty and University, the importance of Run for the Future, to the research work that is going on here in collaboration with the Bristol Urological Institute. The run seems like a great way of bringing different people from the Faculty and University together to help support a project that has the potential to make an enormous impact to protect men's health.”

Every year over 35,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Only a proportion of these men will have very aggressive cancer and die within five years. However, there is currently no reliable test that will predict at an early stage which of these cancers will be the 'tigers' and kill the patient within a few years and which will be the 'pussycats' and not affect life expectancy.

Research at UWE led by Dr Anthony Rhodes and Dr Michael Ladomery in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences is currently focused on developing a test that will distinguish between these 'tiger' and 'pussycat' cancers. This research is in collaboration with Mr David Gillatt, Consultant Urologist, at the Bristol Urological Institute (BUI) at Southmead Hospital supported by funds raised from Run for the Future organised by 'Rotary in Bristol'.

Dr Rhodes said, “The funds raised at Run for the Future are vital for our research into developing an improved prostate cancer test. Patsy Adamo whose research is funded by Run for the Future has a new test up and running in the laboratory and is soon to start testing clinical material. This test may in the future help identify those prostate cancer patients that require radical therapy and those that only require regular monitoring.”

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