Bristol Graffiti and Street Art Map launched

Issue date: 03 April 2009

Mild Mild West by Banksy A member of staff from the University of the West of England has launched a web based Graffiti Street Map of Bristol including over 150 mapped locations and photos from all over the city. Visitors can take a virtual tour of Bristol's street art and locate the remaining Banksy's in the city.

Neil Clark from UWE's Students' Union explains, “I got the idea to create the Graffiti map website after working on the 'Not just Banksy' event held at UWE's Frenchay Campus last year. I wanted to learn more about the scene but couldn't find a website that brought together all the street art locations, so I thought I might as well make one myself.

“I'm hoping that UWE students and others will use the map to visit key locations and hidden gems all over the city. Hopefully it will encourage people to go and explore Bristol a bit. Everyone knows about Stokes Croft as it's hard to miss and the high profile Banksy pieces but there's so much more to see.”

The site also contains Google Street views which are a really fun way to navigate around the city, and Bristol graffiti videos and links.

Some of UWE's famous street art alumni include Sickboy, Graham Dews aka Paris,Mr Jago, Will Barras and Feek who are all successful artists whose work can be seen in both galleries and on the streets of Bristol and London. UWE is represented on the map with both Bower Ashton and Frenchay Campus being pin pointed where people can view the Freshers 2007 Graffiti wall.


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